with Natalie Young
Friday 5th October


Go easy on yourself, smile, dream big, go wild in your imagination...

For moon gazers and all women yearning for time to connect with themselves and the ebb and flow of the lunar and life cycle. Gather together each month for lunar flow yoga, specific to the New Moon. Take time and space to listen, reflect and connect with your thoughts and feelings. “The wild soul knows what to do and when to do it-but only when we listen”, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 

In the darkness of the New Moon shine the light inwards on you. Let your thoughts and feelings be your compass and the lunar cycle be your timetable. For centuries women have felt their powerful connection with the feminine “tha” moon living in harmony with the ebb and flow of filling and emptying, nourishing and releasing.

Each month we will gather and practice:

Specific yoga flow to harmonise the body with the New Moon and the part of life that it represents. 
Quiet our minds to find peace and space to connect the mind, body, soul 
Find focus and clarity - Ask yourself questions and explore the answers in worksheets personal to you, take them away and use the information to focus your actions for the month ahead – what we think we become!.

In this first workshop we are preparing for the new moon on the 9th October which is a great moon to start with as it’s a Libra moon. Libra is all about Balance-the Yin and the Yang the Sun “Ha” and the “Tha” Moon. Shining a light on relationships with others and retaining our own identity. 
Look out for the next date- Friday 2nd November