About Kat...

I am someone who cares about what I do and why I am doing it. I care about You and people and that everyone is happy, having a great day and feeling the best. Being in this kind of company excites me!
I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and start most days at home on my mat going through Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga sequence. My main yoga teachers are Sarah Hatcher who resides in Edinburgh and Dena Kingsberg in Australia. In classes and workshops, I weave in knowledge learned from my dedicated self-practice, as well as information picked up from intensives and workshops with great teachers such as Dena Kingsberg, Sarah Hatcher, John Scott, David Swenson, Matthew Sweeney, David Williams, Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Danny Paradise, Kino Macgregor, David Keil, Shiva Rae and Leslie Kaminoff.
I see that yoga lies deep in our hearts and can be learned and practiced under guidance of a teacher you connect with. I am sensitive to Energy around me, and an expert at holding a sacred, nurturing and supportive space where everyone can explore yoga with a sense of peace, fun and adventure. The benefits my yoga practice brings me is a sense of calm, a connection to Self, greater awareness, a control over my thoughts and confidence. One of our many purposes in life is to be joyful in every moment, and I aim for our yoga practice to reflect this. The practice of yoga is not just on a yoga mat; it is every moment of everyday. Yoga is also perception, energy, reaction and control all with great awareness in all circumstances in life, with a light heart and a positive mind. The journey being richer and fuller.

A Yoga practitioner and IIN Integrative Health Coach; I am positive, grounded, generous, intelligent, sometimes funny. I teach yoga classes, workshops and well-being retreats and I Health Coach people to a place they want to be. To be coached by me you have to be prepared to step up and take responsibility. You are ready to work with me if You can begin to let go of any obsession with your body and weight that is currently dictating the quality of your life. Your sick and tired of issues that are keeping you feeling stuck and You are ready to make a lasting change for yourself and your life. Ask yourself are you ready to fully commit to scheduled sessions as well as additional work in between sessions then I am here, ready and hyped to health coach you. We work together to get greater results.

My journey of connecting all avenues of the mind, body and soul of healthy living and self-development tied in with my practices on and off the yoga mat. 

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