New to Yoga?

I’m new to yoga, where do I start?

We warmly welcome new students in ALL of our classes.

Where you start is purely down to personal preference!

  • If you have never tried yoga at all and don't have an idea of what a yoga class may entail you may prefer to start with one of our ‘INTRO TO YOGA' or 'BEGINNER' workshops or courses.

  • If you are recovering from an illness or injury you may find a class which doesn't require lots of movement/ transitions between postures such as a restorative or yin class.

  • Or, if you've been to one or more classes before and have some previous experience of a breath-led practice then you are welcome to join in any of our classes. Or perhaps find a teacher who can do a 1-1 lesson to discuss a more personally tailored way to practice?

I'm not flexible – can I do yoga?

Absolutely! In fact, you are the perfect candidate for yoga. Give it a try and over time you will notice that yoga helps you to become more flexible. Every ‘body’ is different, so never feel the need to practice poses exactly like the teacher: they are only there as a guide (and have been practicing yoga for years). Listen to your body, don't force yourself and stay within your limits. Similar to any exercise program, if you have any particular conditions, are on medication or recovering from surgery etc., you may wish to consult your doctor before beginning to practice yoga.

What do I need to practice yoga?

Wear comfortable, fairly close-fitting clothing you can stretch in, not too baggy or trousers that are too long. Leave your shoes and socks on the shelf outside and practice on one of our mats, or you're welcome to bring your own. Yoga mats are ideal, as they are “sticky” and help prevent sliding. We provide mats and props so you can try before you buy!

What are the benefits of yoga?

Seriously, too many to mention. Here are a few: yoga practice can help to develop strength, stamina, flexibility and posture, helps to soothe and de-stress the nervous system, counter acts many chronic and acute conditions and ailments. Regular practice not only increases your energy but also promotes emotional and mental well-being. Pretty soon you’ll wonder how you ever lived without yoga!

How do I book a class?

You can book our classes, courses and events online here.

Pre-paid packages

Classes can be booked as a one-off or, if you'd like to attend classes regularly, a good option is to purchase one of our prepaid packages. Take a look at our pricing page to see which package suits you and buy a class pass. It will work out cheaper than a single class and you can then use the credits for any class you wish to book.

Passes currently available are:

Class Pass- For any class over 60 minutes (except Ashtanga Weekdays)

Mini Class Pass- For any class under 60 minutes

Self-Practice Pass- for early morning weekdays Ashtanga Vinyasa Self-Practice

The spaces are limited in each class we appreciate it if you can book your class in advance.

When should I practice yoga?

This is entirely up to you, however, avoid eating 3-4 hours beforehand. This is because you may be twisting, bending and turning upside down - things that are not very comfortable with a full tummy.

What types of classes does Prana Yoga Studio offer?

There are many different styles of yoga, each with their own benefits. Please take a look at our Class Descriptions page. 

How do I get there?

Our Studio is located on the first floor at:

110 Cadzow St,
South Lanarkshire,


In the heart of Hamilton town centre, Prana is a 10 minute walk from Hamilton Bus & Central Train Station, has on- street parking (metered between 8am-6pm), there are metered car parks (marked above in purple) and is close to the other town centre car parks.

Class Etiquette:

Please arrive on time but no more than 10 minutes before your class is due to start. 

Please switch off ALL electronic devices (phones, watches, alerts, alarms), even if it's in a locker. 

Please be respectfully quiet while classes are in progress.

Please make sure your shoes, jackets, bags & brollies are stored in the allocated spaces within the hallway & reception area.

Please remain at class until the end- it's the best part!

Namaste! (which, incidentally means May the Divine Light in me reflect and bow to the Divine Light in you : )