Starting 8th January

How we practice is much more important than what we practice. Restoreyin is a thoughtful beautiful blend of sequenced passive yin and restorative postures.
Restoreyin focuses on postures held in stillness and mindful awareness for a longer period of time, designed to target the deep connective tissues. Helping to increase flexibility, open the meridians of the body promoting a healthy flow of chi/energy.
The combination of yin and restorative aims to increase the health and integrity of the myofacial body and joint complexes. Restoreyin is an inward practice designed to build awareness, non attachment, equanimity and contentment. We do not use the body to get into a pose; rather we use the pose to get into the body. 
It is the perfect complement to yang styles of practice, and a direct antidote to the stresses and challenges of modern life. It can be especially beneficial for those looking to improve flexibility and release tension, by becoming aware of holding patterns within the body...

Restoreyin is suitable for all levels, allowing you to become fully present with your body by focusing on breath, and helping to bridge the separation between body and mind.