Chakra Immersion Workshop

with Carla Webster
Friday 24th January 2020 5.45-8.15pm
price: £22/£18 concs
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During this workshop you'll be offered a comprehensive overview of the subtle body and chakra system, to help understand how we can use this system to understand ourselves on a deep and meaningful level. This will be followed by a journey of awareness by using postures, pranayama mantra, mudra, music, scents, and meditations as we focus on each one. The session will culminate in a long peaceful meditation to help harness the 'Kundalini Shakti' energy.

Come along and immerse yourself within these subtle energies of the body and let this chakra-focussed practice can reveal how it can help to amplify or calm your energy in each one to achieve a sense of balance in the body, mind and spirit. Deepen your understanding of and connection to the self and, to the world around you. Namaste!