YOGOLF yoga for golfers workshop

with Colin Hotchkiss
Sunday 20th October 2019 2-3.30pm
price: £15/£12 concs
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Yoga is tailor made for golf as it can focus on the key joints and ranges of motion used during the golf swing. The benefits of Yoga for golfers are far reaching. Yoga can improve your mobility, stability, strength, coordination, injury prevention and ability to focus. Which will dramatically improve your ability on the golf course.

The workshop will begin with a presentation exploring the key findings of academic studies on the benefits of a regular Yoga practice and increased physical and mental performance on the golf course. Followed by a Yoga practice devised specifically for golfers to improve the biomechanics of the body throughout the golf swing.

The Yoga practice will focus on achieving body symmetry, balance, and alignment, enhancing flexibility and core development to improve mobility, strength, power and endurance. Learn breathing techniques to achieve focus and relaxation on and off the golf course. The class will finish with a guided Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) to still the mind and to enhance creativity.

If you play golf you should practice YOGOLF!


  • YOGOLF Enables golfers to play their best game, extends the body’s ability to play, reducing risk of injury.
  • YOGOLF improves the body’s mobility, allowing golfers to play better, longer, with more confidence and increased enjoyment.
  • YOGOLF Improves performance beyond golf lessons, teaching professionals focus on biomechanics of the swing.
  • YOGOLF focuses on biomechanics of the body throughout the swing.
  • YOGOLF Increases your mind and body connection resulting in lower scores on the golf course.