Hips Hips Hooray 

Friday 12th October



Come and join Fi for another juicy hip opening masterclass. 'I love working into the hips - we hold so much tension in this area from sitting a lot, poor posture or injury. It's also the place we store our emotions so it's good to get moving deep into this area to release tension and stagnant energy. I'll be combining some gentle flow and longer held yin postures to work deep into the hips - oiling the joints to allow you to move more freely. The class will finish with a lovely yoga nidra leaving you relaxed and restored.'

Sun 23rd Sept



Rest and restore with an introduction into restorative yoga followed by a calming and replenishing relaxation. Life is increasingly busy and our minds are often cluttered, overwhelmed and lacking in clarity and tranquility. Restorative yoga is a calming hug for the overstimulated body and mind, creating peace and serenity within. It gives us the opportunity to explore our body seeking out tensions. 

A deep connection with our breath and long supported postures help the body relax feeling comfortable, confident and safe. Our bodies start to unfold with no force, rushing or striving. We then begin to explore what happens we allow our tension to soften and naturally release what our bodies habitually hold. Restorative yoga is a gentle yet mindful practice, with the use of props restorative yoga allows you to completely surrender and relax into an asana. In a loving yet nurturing way. The parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated promoting relaxation, renewal And rejuvenation. If we offer the body patience, kindness and surrender to the present moment it will respond in a more positive way. The more we surrender the easier things flow. Restorative Yoga benefits Enhances flexibility Deeply relaxes the body Stills the mind Improves the capacity for healing and balancing Balances the nervous system Boosts the immune system Enhances mood state Develops qualities of compassion and understanding towards others and self.


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Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th November
9:30am - 4:30pm each day
Course fees £395.00 inclusive of all teaching materials and certification.
Learn the ancient Ayurvedic technique of Indian Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga) over a two day course. Fully credited by the C.M.A. body plus full membership available to qualified students. Siobhan lovingly teaches this course and the routine which is a full traditional hour long massage routine for shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face. Lots of good information on Ayurvedic diagnosis and oils. Information on balancing the three humours or Doshas. Learning about how to fight disease according to Ayurvedic laws of balance. This traditional sequence is taught dry and with traditional Ayurvedic oils. Vata, Pitta and Kapha elements are harmonised. The fees are inclusive of all training materials and case studies plus certificates on completion.
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Please book online: http://www.pranayogastudio.co.uk/book-online/classes-events
Autumn Mini-Retreat
Sunday 28th October
£22/£18 (concs)
Autumn - Time for letting go. 

Just as the trees shed their leaves we let go of the things that no longer serve us, clearing the way for new opportunities, new experiences. As we move through our yoga flow we’ll be focussing on the breath, drawing in the positive and releasing the negative from our lives. Setting our sights on the good things we want to draw into our lives. There’ll also be pranayama practice, meditation and a yoga nidra to leave you relaxed and restored as we move into the more yin seasons.

Beginners warmly welcomed.

with Natalie Young
Friday 5th October


Go easy on yourself, smile, dream big, go wild in your imagination...

For moon gazers and all women yearning for time to connect with themselves and the ebb and flow of the lunar and life cycle. Gather together each month for lunar flow yoga, specific to the New Moon. Take time and space to listen, reflect and connect with your thoughts and feelings. “The wild soul knows what to do and when to do it-but only when we listen”, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 

In the darkness of the New Moon shine the light inwards on you. Let your thoughts and feelings be your compass and the lunar cycle be your timetable. For centuries women have felt their powerful connection with the feminine “tha” moon living in harmony with the ebb and flow of filling and emptying, nourishing and releasing.

Each month we will gather and practice:

Specific yoga flow to harmonise the body with the New Moon and the part of life that it represents. 
Quiet our minds to find peace and space to connect the mind, body, soul 
Find focus and clarity - Ask yourself questions and explore the answers in worksheets personal to you, take them away and use the information to focus your actions for the month ahead – what we think we become!.

In this first workshop we are preparing for the new moon on the 9th October which is a great moon to start with as it’s a Libra moon. Libra is all about Balance-the Yin and the Yang the Sun “Ha” and the “Tha” Moon. Shining a light on relationships with others and retaining our own identity. 
Look out for the next date- Friday 2nd November