Michelle Nixon

Mysore style & Introduction to Ashtanga

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Although practising yoga for over 10 years, my main practice and dedicated ashtanga practice started 8 years ago while in London.  Studying and practicing with authorised teachers Charlie & Alice Taylor Rugman receiving private lessons for five years and also assisting at Greenwich Moves Mysore Studio in London.  In 2017 I made the decision to go the source of Ashtanga Yoga and headed to Mysore for further study.

In 2017 I practiced and continue to practice with my teacher Ajay Kumar.  I spent two years in Mysore, completing my Ashtanga Mysore Teacher Training.  My mysore classes are adjustment focussed, encouraging students to move deeper with the breath.  I also encourage students to practice Swadhyaya, self study within their own practice, giving students the tools to practice alone without becoming too dependent or attached on the teacher.  

I continue to practice and study with my teacher Ajay Kumar and also practice Yoga Nidra and Past Life Regression Therapy with my teacher in Mysore, B. Naga Kumar, both these practices help deepen meditation practice and an important reminder not to just focus on the asana/physical part of yoga.