Nicki Watson

“You don’t find Yoga, it finds you when you need it most.”

Social: @superstar_yoga
Someone very wise once said to me: “You don’t find Yoga, it finds you when you need it most.” Namaste to that! 
My yoga journey started at Prana and I knew after that first class that my life would change for the better for finding it. It taught me ways to help deal with the stress of life and helped me overcome injuries and surgery and I’ve never felt better. 
I qualified as a  Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)  during lockdown and was one of the first graduates of the online 200hr Seasonal Yoga teacher, something good did come out of ‘that’ time. Since graduating I’ve completed the WiseOnes course and the 50hr Yin Yoga qualification too. 
 I’m passionate about Yoga and what it can do for your body and mind - and I want to tell whoever will listen how good it can make you feel! Yoga makes me feel like I can do anything, it makes me calm, eases the chatter in my mind, it moves my body and I feel open and relaxed and I want to share that feeling with you all.  That’s why its called Superstar Yoga - you can feel like a superstar too. 
I’ll never stop wanting to learn more about Yoga and then share that with you. I’m beyond excited to be teaching at Prana and supporting the next teachers on the 200hr Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training. 
See you on the mat. 
Nicki teaches Yin and Restorative Yoga at 7.15pm in studio and online on Wednesday evenings at Prana
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