Natalie Young

I was pulled towards yoga after a skiing injury, I was unable to run and was looking for something fast and furious to replace the adrenaline of running.

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What I found was self awareness, connection and contentment. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s a daily working progress but I am so enthusiastic about sharing what I experience from yoga with others which is why I teach yoga. 

Since qualifying as a Yoga Teacher in 2014 through Fitness Scotland and CYQ with Pamela Young and Liz Young I have spent time learning with, Gary Carter, Anna Forrest, Finlay Wilson, John Scott, Indra Mohan, Manju Jois and have taught children with disabilities, victims and offenders and people on the road to recovery and am resident teacher in David Lloyds too – yoga really is for everyone!

It’s like playtime on the mat for me the yin to the yang of my role leading services and people in public protection, community safety and community sustainment.  I am a qualified mediator and trainer in workplace, family and community mediation as well as performance coach.  This means that I facilitate communication and help people see things from different perspectives.  It is no co-incidence that yoga is my mediator-my neutral 3rd party between mind, body and breath.

So come along and feel the magic of a physical yoga practice, the stillness of the mind and a connection with the breath in an environment where you will be nurtured and hear whispers of encouragement. X

Natalie teaches New Moon Intention Setting Workshops here at Prana