Nicole Thorpe

Your body, your practice… I am simply here to guide you

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Covering for Carla's Friday 9.30am classes this July


Nicole’s background is in professional dance and she is a huge believer that “movement is medicine”. Nicole has been practicing yoga for more than ten years and teaching for the last four. In class she encourages you to find freedom in your body and to explore your own unique expression and experience of postures. “Your body, your practice… I am simply here to guide you”. Nicole is thrilled to be teaching at Prana Yoga throughout the Summer and cannot wait to move, breathe and flow with you all. 
“Yoga has helped me to find stillness in my hectic life. It has led me to understand my mental health, physical well being and the empowerment in trusting my innate wisdom and femininity. My goal is to give back what yoga and my teachers have given to me. I want to share this practice with others to help people grow and find peace within themselves.”
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