Candlelit Yin Yoga

with Jill McInulty
Friday 5th August 2022 6.30-8.30pm
price: £25


Come and experience the delights of this beautiful practice by soft candlelight on a heated natural bamboo floor.

Email Jill to book your space in this special Yin class 

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Yin yoga is a quieter more traditional style of yoga and the balance to an active yang practice or busy life. It gently stretches and rehabilitates the connective tissues that form our joints making them stronger and more flexible. We do this by long held floor poses in which we relax the muscles allowing the focus to be on the joints, also encouraging a greater movement of chi (energy) through the tissues promoting healing.

The power behind yin is patience and time not effort. Cultivating the yin quality of patience and allowing your breath to be your guide invites you on an inward journey to fully inhabit your body. It is the true feeling of coming home.

Ending with Yoga Nidra you will be guided into deep relaxation while keeping the mind inwardly alert. Being aware of how completely relaxed you are slows the thinking process promoting deep rest and leading you to the most desirable state.

You will have the opportunity to stay and chat afterwards.