Sound Bath Relaxation and Healing Class

with Yvonne Barrie
Sunday 3rd May 2020 2.00-3.00pm
price: £15/£13 concs
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Cosy up, relax and immerse yourself in the sound of Crystal and Tibetan bowls for pure relaxation and to promote healing.

Have a full body massage with vibration.

Take 1 hour out of your busy life to relax and unwind

A Sound Bath can be an unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of their inward journey. Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience. Great insights can be accessed. You feel truly, vibrantly alive. Once you’ve had your first Sound Bath you’ll want more.

85% of all diseases are caused by emotional stress. The patterns of this stress show up as imbalanced frequencies in our energy field. Sound therapy, through physics principles of resonance, provides the body and mind the opportunity to return to an energetically balanced centre.

The nervous system resets into a more relaxed place resulting in sometimes immediate and profound relief from pain, tension and stress.


🌟PLEASE NOTE🌟 - not suitable for pregnancy, epilepsy or Pacemaker🌟

🙏Please bring a blanket, water and pillow🙏
Class can also take place in a upright chair if you struggle with lying down, please contact me if you require a chair xx

🙏 The class will start promptly at 2.00pm so if you could attend 10 minutes before it would be appreciated 🙏Namaste🙏

🌟 further information contact Yvonne on 07968 035848 🌟

Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and Fibromyalgia. Living with pain has become part of my daily life, something I accept and have learned to live with the best I can. On the 2nd March 2016 I lost my elderly mother who was a huge part of my life, and the loss brought my world crashing down around me. Feeling devastated and lost I tried to piece my life back together and in January 2018 I had mentally and physically crashed and I did not want to get back up. It was this final blow that caused me to turn to meditation.

I had tried meditation many times over the years, but it wasn’t until January 2018 that I noticed something was different, as I experienced something I can only describe as “an awakening.” This awakening had a profound impact on my life and my mental state, as I began to see the world in a new light, full of the most beautiful shades of purple and with more clarity than before. It was then I knew that my life would never be the same again. Now, age 51, I view life completely differently and I can feel that I am on the start of a new journey. Lifting my spirits and enabling me to think clearly, I have accepted that my mother has gone, and it is time for me to start living again.

I have always been a caring person by nature, holding great empathy towards others with a profound need to help people. With this in mind I founded Peaceful Haven Holistic Therapies. It was my vision to create something different for those who come to see me, providing a meditation and treatment room with which my clients can fall in love. Focusing on calming textures, soft lighting, and beautiful furnishings, many have stated that there is something spiritual about the room even from when you first enter it, with a spiritual energy akin to meditation rooms in Nepal.

Now, it is my vision and purpose to help others feel at peace with themselves, to alleviate stress, anxiety and lift the spirit. To ensure each client is as comfortable for their visits as possible, I make no back to back appointments, so that my clients can feel at ease and not rushed out the door. During the treatment I want my clients to relax and they are encouraged to fall asleep during treatment. I appreciate the time I have, to get to know each of my clients, with many opening to me and saying a visit to Peaceful Haven is like visiting a friend they have known their whole lives. (And they especially love my dog Max, who is always waiting eagerly to welcome them).
I also now set up Sound Bath Relaxation classes within venues in the South Lanarkshire Area.